Help your customers find their matching foundation and concealer shade.

Findation’s ‘Find My Shade’ button reduces barriers to makeup sales by helping customers select the correct shade.

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  • 1577 Global Brands
  • Over 8,000 Products
  • 77,000 Make up shades

Findation™ uses data from over 99 million foundation users worldwide and a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to match shades between brands.

As seen in these retailers

Customers enter previous
successful shades
Gives customers a shade
matchup in your makeup

How does it work?

  1. Findation™ helps online makeup shoppers figure out what foundation shade to order.
  2. Findation™ is the world’s largest database of matching foundation shades - we’ve been building it since 2012.
  3. Users enter all the foundation shades they’ve used successfully before, Findation’s unique algorithm recommends similar shades in other products, based on the matches entered by other users.
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Online beauty sales are increasing - but buying a new foundation online is hard.

Consumers don’t want to buy online unless they have the confidence to choose the correct shade. Swatches on the screen often don’t match the real-life shade. Findation helps online shoppers figure out the right shade to order, giving them the confidence to buy.

A/B tests by our retail clients have demonstrated dramatic conversion rate and session time increases for users of the Findation™ tool.

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Increase customer confidence

94% of surveyed users said using Findation made them more likely to try a new foundation as they found the shade recommendations useful.

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Easy to integrate with your website

It’s as simple as adding a single line of Javascript to your product detail pages. We also offer a fully flexible API.

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Pay only for what your customers use

Our pricing is based on the number of recommendations we make to your customers each month. Casual and 12-month pricing available.

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Find out how Westman Atelier and Subtl Beauty use the power of Findation to improve their customer experience and conversion while reducing product returns.

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