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Reduce barriers to
makeup sales.

Help your customers by adding Findation's "Find my shade" button to your website.

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Buying a new foundation online is hard

If you haven't tried a foundation on before and can't make it into a store it is near impossible.

Colour swatches on your screen aren't enough to make a decision on.

Colours can look different between different monitors.

As a retailer you know how hard it can be when customers are wary to try new formulations and need to return foundations that don't suit them.

Which shade is a global foundation matching engine that solves that problem.

We help shoppers to find their perfect foundation shade when shopping online.

How does matching work?

Findation uses data from over 10 million foundation users worldwide and a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to match shades between brands.

How matching works

Help your customers

As an online retailer, you can use Findation to help your customers shop with confidence and reduce barriers to purchase.

By embedding a simple code snippet on your foundation product pages:

  1. Customers on your site click the Findation "Find my shade" button

    Try finding your shade!

  2. Without leaving your site, Findation helps the customer find their exact matching in the shade
  3. Customer then purchases their correct shade from your store

The button only displays on your foundation pages and you are only charged if customers use it.

Findation embed
Example branded embed of Findation service

Increased customer confidence

96% of surveyed users found the shade recommendations useful, and 94% of surveyed users said the Findation service made them more likely to try a new foundation.


Affordable pricing -
You pay only when a customer uses our recommendation engine

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Can I trial Findation?

Findation comes with a no obligation 30 day free trial. If you aren't sure if you want to commit to having Findation on all your foundation pages? No problem!

Simply add the button onto individual product pages to see how it performs.

No credit card required.

Get Findation on your site

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